Nathan Taylor Book Signing


We’re delighted to announce that Nathan Taylor aka Sockmatician will be available to sign copies of his first book Guys Knit: The Instruction Manual published by Haynes.

The aim of this manual is not only to be able to provide a beginners’ guide to anyone who thinks they’d like to give knitting a go, but also to challenge the perceptions of who knitters are – to break apart those dusty stereotypes, and show, once and for all, that knitting is in no way a gendered pastime, but is instead, a universal hobby for anyone interested in working with their hands, and creating warm and practical things to wear, share or even sell.

Nathan will also have a range of Sockmatician pins and badges available and possibly some yarn too.

Nathan will be available to sign copies of his book on Sunday 14 July between 1 and 2pm in the Yarningham marketplace.

To book advanced tickets for Yarningham marketplace please visit our website here.

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