stitches and hos October 09

A much busier evening this month.  Maybe it’s the darker evenings or maybe it’s something else.  Whatever it was it was good to see lots of new faces.

A really big thank you to Kath and Kevin for providing sounds to stitch to.  An extra special thank you for playing Laurie Anderson ‘Oh Superman’.  The second time I had heard it in a week.  It was played on as part of their singles week to promote their record fair.  I’d forgotten how much I love this record.

Our next event is on Tuesday 24 November.  Here are some pictures from the night until then.


stitches and hos September 09

A quiet stitches and hos this month.  This did give me a chance to spin some records at the night.  A big thank you to Pete Prescription for challenging your aural senses.  I was particularly glad to hear the Kevin Blechdom cover of “I will always love you”.  If you’ve not heard it have a look at Kevin performing it here.  It brings a tear to my eye and a smile to my face.

Here are some pictures from the night.  Hope to see you in October.