Needle Felting with Denise Liebermann


An inspirational needle felting workshop suitable for beginners and those who are already a fan of this magical craft. Denise creates a relaxed and fun environment to learn – “The rules of needle felting are very simple – there are no rules! Once armed with the basic techniques there are no right and wrongs, it’s all about you and hours of boundless creativity with a barbed needle, wool and a base on which to work.”

The workshop runs from 11am until 4pm (with an hour break for lunch) and within this time Denise will cover all the techniques, tips and shortcuts required to create your own unique needle felted hare, using gorgeous natural materials.

Materials and Equipment provided
All the wools you will require to make your hare, including a selection of carded wool batts and merino wool tops
A pair of eyes
A choice of material for the cardigan
The use of a set of needles and felting surface for the day

Short Bio
Denise Liebermann better known as Crafty Gal, is a Warwickshire based fibre artist specialising in all things needle felted, as well as offering commissions Denise also runs workshops to share the joy of this magical craft.
“I have been in search of a creative way to earn my living for as long as I can remember – selling my corporate business last year finally presented the opportunity to do something about it. And because I’d been on the look out for so long I knew exactly what I wanted to do next. Having concentrated on photography and life drawing for many years, the sculptural aspect of the human form has always fascinated me – identifying a way to channel that passion into something tangible was the challenge,until I found WOOL! And more specifically NEEDLE FELTING! As a medium glorious British Wool has got to be one of the most wondrous to work with! The feel of such a natural texture is heavenly, and there’s a sense of magic when stabbing wool fibre in its many forms, that’s pretty hard to beat.”

To book onto Denise’s Needle Felting workshop please visit our website here.  This workshop includes entrance to the Yarningham marketplace on either Saturday or Sunday.

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