Tharsis Sleeps – Thrones

I came across this incredible embroidered video for Tharsis Sleeps by Thrones thanks to the mighty WFMU

It was created by embroidering over 3000 frames onto individual denim patches the size of A5 paper. The video was directed by singer Nicos Livesey and used around 200 square metres of denim.

THRONE – ‘THARSIS SLEEPS’ (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Nicos Livesey on Vimeo.

Spring has sprung

Early on Saturday morning members of S&H Knit Graffiti Faction celebrated the arrival of spring by leaving waterlilies and daffodils in a fountain somewhere in Birmingham.

Did you spot our colourful spring offering?

Sara_Water_Lillies_01 Sara_Water_Lillies_03 Sara_Water_Lillies_07 Sara_Water_Lillies_21 Sara_Water_Lillies_25Don’t forget that we are also running beginners knitting and crochet classes at Cherry Reds Cafe Bar.  For more information and how to book please see here.

Wool Swift

I went for a little stroll around Kings Heath today to take advantage of the sunshine.  On my way back home I walked up the High Street from Highbury Park.

I went into the British Heart Foundation shop as I’d seen some terracotta saucers in the window and thought they might make good plant pot holders for the kitchen windowsill.  I then saw a box…


That when opened, had real treasure inside.



What I had found was a compact wool swift or umbrella.  Here’s the instructions


The collapsable arms that hold the skein.


And here it is all set up.


Holding a skein of wool ready to wind by hand or with a wool winder.


Not bad for £2.75

Doily Trees for Aston University Go Green Week

At the start of the year we were commissioned by Aston University to help promote their Go Green Week activities.

Go Green Week is People & Planet’s annual national week of action on climate change in schools, colleges and universities. Students run a week of activities to raise awareness and demand stronger action to tackle the climate crisis.

Although the location of the commission was decided by the university, quite unusually we were given free reign over the design which left me undecided on how to approach the commission.  The location, a small piece of grass surrounded by footpaths in front of the main university building wasn’t particularly inspiring.  The clock was also against us with only a few weeks until the commission had to be installed.

A couple of nights later I had a dream where I was knitting in a workshop to make spider webs.  Inspired by my dream I thought about weaving webs around the trees so spent the next day researching lace knitting outdoors.   I came across the work of Janet Morton a Canadian artist who uses knitting and wool within her practice.  I was particularly taken with her piece Linden in Lace.

I decided to use doily patterns to create the coverings for the trees in a mixture of knitted and crocheted designs.  I’m really happy with the final installation even though installing them in 40mph winds was a real struggle.

I want to thank, Helen, Venetia, Lilith, Calum and Jeanette for making pieces and helping with the install.  A big thanks to Katja for taking beautiful images of the install and final installation.  Lastly a big thanks to Lynette, Rebecca, Vaughan and everyone at Aston University for the commission.

DIY flyers


I’ve ‘designed’ a flyer for our beginners knitting and crochet classes Pick Me Sticks and Hook Me Up.

I say ‘designed’ as they’re pretty simple & I’m sure that an actual designer would have produced something much better. However, I’m really proud of the design. I also learnt how to make text follow any shape or line I want in Photoshop (they key is paths in case you’re wondering).

I’ve printed them on brightly coloured card on our home printer.