Set of 3 character baubles (L-R) Snowman, Santa and Rudolph

Time is running out if you want to order our seasonal products and get them delivered in time for Christmas. The last day for ordering ‘Made to Order’ items is MONDAY 7 DECEMBER.

You can find our seasonal products in our online shop here.

S&H/Yarningham SHOP – New Scarf Designs

Colour Block Scarf in scarlet, grey and peacock

We’ve added 4 new scarf designs to our online shop. First up is COLOUR BLOCK SCARF. A made to order machine knitted colour block scarf in up to 3 colours.  The scarf is double thickness for extra warmth.

Choose up to 3 colours from our palette of 6 (scarlet red, mustard, grey, navy, cream and peacock) to create your personalised colour block scarf. Put your colour choices in any order.   Have the same colour twice or even just a single colour.  The decision is yours.  

‘Ladders’ Scarf in grey and mustard

Next is ‘LADDERS’ SCARF. A made to order machine knitted slip stitch scarf in ‘Ladders’ pattern. The scarf is double thickness for extra warmth. ‘Ladders’ pattern is available in colour way grey and mustard

‘Hexagon’ scarf in scarlet red and navy

Our 3rd design is the ‘HEXAGON’ SCARF in scarlet red and navy. The scarf is double thickness for warmth.

‘Zig Zag’ Scarf in peacock and cream

Our final scarf design is ‘ZIG ZAG’ SCARF. This design is available in peacock and cream colour way and is double thickness for extra warmth

All of our machine knitted scarves are made to order from 100% merino wool. Dimensions: 185cm length 15cm wide. Dispatch time: approx. 12-14 days.

All of our scarves are available from our online shop here.

To ensure delivery before Christmas Day our last order date for ‘Made to Order’ items is MONDAY 7 DECEMBER.

S&H/Yarningham SHOP – Seasonal Products

‘Pine Cone’ door wreath in blue/grey colour way

We’re pleased to announce that the S&H/Yarningham shop is now full of seasonal products.

We’ve created a small range of hand made accessories and decorations including machine knitted scarves (pictured below), traditional bauble sets and hand knitted colour work door wreaths (pictured above).

Each one of our seasonal items has been designed, developed and produced by one of the core Stitches and Hos team.

Most of the items are made to order. Dispatch is within 12-14 days of your order.

Colour Block Scarf shown in red, grey and peacock

Please note that if you would like to ensure delivery before Christmas our last order day for made to order products is MONDAY 7 DECEMBER 2020. Our last posting day to ensure Christmas delivery is MONDAY 14 DECEMBER 2020.

You can find our online shop here.