Campaign for Wool supporter


We are very proud here at S&H Towers to have been made an official Campaign for Wool supporter.

The Campaign for Wool was initiated and launched by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2010 and is a non profit making promotional platform, which inspires and educates consumers about the many natural, sustainable benefits of real woof for fashion, interiors, craft and the built environment.  It is funded by the world’s leading wool organisations, supported by major brands, designers and the wool textile industry and it is now active across the globe.

So, we will be displaying our support of all things real wool with pride.



all the colours of the rainbow

The wool has arrived for our next knit graffiti project.  All we’ve got to do is knit it now…

stitches and hos Jan 2010

Well a happy new year to you all from us here at Stitches and Hos.  Hope you all had a pleasant festive season.

I’m sure now that its the end of January you stop saying Happy New Year to people.  Is there a rule? Like no April Fools jokes after midday?

Our first event of the year was on Tuesday night.  It all started with a short delay (thanks for waiting patiently) because of a leaking light fixture in the back bar.  A hunt for a floodlight, then a new bulb for floodlight and the night was underway.  It has to be said that all the staff at Hare and Hounds are always helpful and really resourceful.  Thank you Katie!

Also a big thank you to Chris and Tom for providing sounds to stitch to.  Also I had an proposition from a new member called Shirley. She suggested that we contact a wool store or producer to see if we can get a group discount.  I think its a great idea  – what do you think?

Here are some pictures from the night – it seems they are a bit dark.  Looks like I should read my camera manual again