October Hootenanny

Last night saw the return of our monthly hootenannies.   It was great to meet some new stitchers and to see some old faces.   There was stitching aplenty, lots of tea drunk and a discussion about the new Blade Runner film.

Here’s a couple of pics from last night, including one of me proving that the seemingly small section of ribbing I was knitting will in fact go around my large head.


Our next hootenanny is Wednesday 8 November, 6-9pm at Tilt.  You can find out more information on our website here.

stitches and hos October 09

A much busier evening this month.  Maybe it’s the darker evenings or maybe it’s something else.  Whatever it was it was good to see lots of new faces.

A really big thank you to Kath and Kevin for providing sounds to stitch to.  An extra special thank you for playing Laurie Anderson ‘Oh Superman’.  The second time I had heard it in a week.  It was played on wfmu.org as part of their singles week to promote their record fair.  I’d forgotten how much I love this record.

Our next event is on Tuesday 24 November.  Here are some pictures from the night until then.