Transportation Socks by Rebecca Milton

Here’s a little sneak preview of our second exclusive pattern designed by Rebecca Milton.


We also gave Rebecca a wide brief asking that she take inspiration from something about Birmingham.

Rebecca chose to focus on Birmingham as a transport hub at the centre of the UK.

“The lacy pattern panels down the side of the sock represent the barges and boats using the canals of Birmingham, and the twisted cable pattern in the centre represents the road network—’Spaghetti Junction’.  The cables on the second sock will be reversed, so that the socks mirror each other, rather than being identical.”

We can’t wait to show you the finished pattern.  Rebecca’s pattern will be available in Yarningham 2019 show brochure given free to everyone who attends Yarningham Marketplace.

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To find out more about Rebecca you can find her on Facebook, Ravelry and Instagram.


Meet Rebecca Milton


Rebecca began designing about 6 years ago, drawing my inspiration from the places, music and people around her. She particularly loves to design socks as they’re so portable and quick to knit, and the patterns can be beautifully intricate whilst still keeping your feet warm!

We are so pleased that Rebecca has designed an exclusive pattern for this year’s Yarningham brochure.  We give a copy of our brochure to everyone who attends the Yarningham marketplace.   We can’t wait to share with you her new design.

To find out more about Rebecca you can find her on Facebook, Ravelry and Instagram.

You can buy advanced tickets for the Yarningham marketplace or tickets will be available on the door.