Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Just got back from my visit to Wolverhampton Art Gallery to prepare for our Knitted Easter Egg Hunt on 31st March

If you’ve not been there before it’s a wonderful space right in the middle of town.  Our event will be held underneath the huge skylight just by the gift shop.

Unfortunately the upper exhibition areas will be closed to the public during our event.  However, at the start of the evening there will be a short tour around the Jann Haworth exhibition in the Pop Gallery.  I was lucky enough to get a guided tour this afternoon

knitted doughnut wall – part of Jan Haworth exhibition

(sorry about the dark picture – you’re not allowed to take pictures but I was given special permission and felt guilty taking too many while other people were there)

So it looks like all things are set for 31st March.

After my meeting and quick tour I had lunch in the gallery cafe.  I can highly recommend their chocolate cake which was heavenly

knitted eggs

hello stitchers

I’m busy getting all spring like for our Easter egg hunt event at Wolverhampton Art Gallery on 31st March 2010.  It seems that the official signs of spring are here.  I’ve recently been to the Cotswolds and there were loads of snowdrops


Our Easter egg hunt event is part of the Jann Haworth exhibition.  The lovely ladies from Sugarfoot Stomp will provide sounds to stitch to, there will be a cake stall and of course an Easter egg hunt round the gallery.

I’ve finally cracked (sorry!) how to knit in the round on double pointed needles.  It’s taken a while – but it now means that I can get on and make the knitted eggs for the Easter egg hunt.

Here’s the first one.  The pattern came from purl bee who have 2 amazing shops in New York – one for patchwork and one for knitting and crochet.

knitted egg