Feedback – Part 5

So we’ve reached the final infographic showcasing the feedback Yarningham has received.

This infographic shows the age range of our audience. We attract visitors from a wide range of ages and the majority of our audience are between the ages of 35-54.

What this feedback tells us is that the festival is a reflection of the team. The variety within our team is reflected in our audience. This is one of the things we set out to do with Yarningham and it is fantastic to see that we are achieving our goals and aims.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about Yarningham and what our audience and exhibitors say about the festival. It’s been a valuable exercise and a chance for us to take stock of our achievements and celebrate them.

Feedback – Part 4

A large part of Yarningham is our marketplace. It’s THE place to find the best independent producers, dyers, designers, online retailers and bricks and mortar shops.

From the beginning we set a rule that at least 50% of the marketplace each year must be new to Yarningham. This helps to ensure that the marketplace never feels like its gone stale or we’ve just repeated last year’s festival. It can lead to some very difficult decisions when going through applications but this rule is crucial for Yarningham.

This exercise of looking back through our feedback and compiling statistics has been really eye opening. We’ve never properly analysed our feedback and usually take a much more practical approach to using it. What needs to change? What can we improve? But there’s nothing like a cold hard figure staring back at you unexpectedly from the calculator to surprise you with what you’ve achieved.

And so it was with this figure. Out of 107 exhibitors over the four editions of Yarningham, 71 are unique. Meaning that over the 4 years of the festival 65% of our marketplace has been new to Yarningham. I always knew that we had achieved our target each year but never imagined that we had such a high number of unique exhibitors.

This success is really about TEAM YARNINGHAM. Without Lil, V and Helen as part of the team I think this figure would have been difficult to achieve.

There’ll be one more feedback post after this one. If you’ve missed the other three you can find them here (Part 1), here (Part 2) and here (Part 3).

Feedback – Part 2

Following on from my last post Feedback – Part 1 here’s the second of our infographics. This one is about our exhibitors. We ask every exhibitor to complete a short feedback questionnaire once the festival is over. 95% of them said that they would exhibit again at Yarningham. This figure is a mean average taken over the 4 years of the festival.

We are really proud of our exhibitor approval rating. The feedback we receive from them is invaluable as they have a very specific view of the festival that we just don’t get as organisers.

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Feedback – Part 1

We have always collected feedback from both our audience and exhibitors who attend Yarningham. It’s a way for us to continually improve the festival and find out what does and doesn’t work.

We use the information collected from the feedback forms to inform the next festival. The feedback we receive is a valuable resource and really does make a difference.

What we haven’t done previously is share some of the information and feedback we receive. So over our summer break I asked our designer, illustrator extraordinaire Ben Javens to create some infographics to showcase some of the festivals successes.

The first infographic contains one of our greatest achievements. 96% of the Yarningham audience said that they would attend the festival again. This figure is a mean average taken over the four years of the festival.

I didn’t realise that these figures and statistics were in any way exceptional until I talked to a close friend who works for the National Trust. She said that they would pay good money for these kind of approval ratings especially from audiences.

I’ll share all of the infographics over the next few weeks here on the blog and over on the Yarningham Instagram account.

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Yarningham feedback


image credit: Katja Ogrin

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