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I put a call out through our Facebook group a couple of months ago for people to DJ at our monthly knitting hootenanny.  I do it every 3 months or so as it’s a chance for people who come to the night to get involved.  I also really like it as it gives me a chance to hear other peoples records.

Anyway the last call out I had a response from Fiona Cullinan. She’s someone who’s name I saw mentioned on Twitter but until a couple of things slotted into place in my mind (quite slowly and much later) I couldn’t quite place. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with dates the DJ slot was booked.

In amongst the diary planning and equipment requests Fiona told me about an idea she and a few friends came up –  a ‘bring your strange vinyl’ night.  Everyone brings along their strange charity shop finds, Dad’s old LP’s and junk shop rarities for the DJ to play.

It sounded like a great idea  – so stitches and hos presents Bad Records, Strange Vinyl was born.  Bring along those 50p gems or fantastically titled vinyl and Fiona and her chums will play it.

stitches and hos presents Bad Records, Strange Vinyl

Tuesday 30 November,

7:30pm onwards

back bar, Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham

Fiona’s also set up a Tumblr account where you can upload your own Bad Records, Strange Vinyl.

new wool shop

Good news for all you Birmingham based stitches and hos.  There’s a new wool shop called Stitch Perfect in The Custard Factory, Digbeth, Birmingham.

I haven’t been in yet – but from the pictures on the facebook page it looks like wool heaven.