Yarningham 2019 Exhibitor Preview – The Corner of Craft

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Hannah makes hand beaded stitch markers and progress keepers from tiny glass beads. She also dyes yarn in colours inspired by the tabletop role playing game Dungeons and Dragons, under the name Chromatic Yarns.


Yarningham 2019 Exhibitor Preview – Stitch Solihull


Stitch Solihull is a modern independent yarn and fabric shop specialising in natural fibre yarns from smaller manufacturers. Ana also stocks a wide range of Rowan yarns and patterns and a small collection of her own hand dyed yarn.


Yarningham 2019 Exhibitor Preview – Snuggly Stars Yarns

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Snuggly Stars Yarns provide a fabulous range of hand dyed yarns on various bases to suit all projects, from 20g mini skeins and sock sets, to full 100g skeins and self striping yarns. Gemma also stocks enamel pins, patches, patterns, badges, buttons, project bags, Hiya Hiya knitting needles, crochet hooks and notions.


Yarningham 2019 Exhibitor Preview – Arnall Culliford Knitwear


Jim & Jen Arnall-Culliford want to empower knitters to become more adventurous with their knitting. They produce several technique led books with clear and complete photo tutorials and beautiful patterns from world class designers. They sell their books and accompanying yarns, including their own ‘Something to Knit With’ 4 ply and aran ranges. They also sell selected books from other designers.


Yarningham 2019 Exhibitor Preview – An Caitin Beag


Marna makes tools and accessories for crafty types – especially cat-loving crafty types – silver jewellery, project bags, stitch markers and kits, buttons, notebooks, enamel pins and a growing range of knitting patterns.


Yarningham 2019 Exhibitor Preview – All Wool That Ends Wool

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Emma creates bold, bright hand dyed yarns in several styles, including hand painted, gradient and self striping, on a variety of bases. She also makes colourful resin buttons in a range of sizes and a selection of stitch markers and project bags.