Who We Are

Earlier in the year I was lucky to receive some business mentorship from Tian Connaughton. She pointed out that it wasn’t easy for people to find out who we were on the Yarningham website.

So we’ve written a kind of mission statement for Yarningham. It sets out why our festival is different and the ideas and reasons for starting the festival.


Yarningham looks, sees and does a yarn festival differently.  As the only Black led yarn festival in the UK we are unique.

Why is Yarningham different?

  • Yarningham is the place to find new dyers & producers.  We are committed to seeking out new talent and unearthing existing hidden gems.  This means constantly looking for and researching dyers, producers and designers to invite to apply.
  • Exhibitors are selected blindly based solely on their application form for that year.  This helps ensure that we meet our target of at least 50% of the marketplace being new to Yarningham each year.
  • We pride ourselves on programming new and innovative stitch based workshops not seen at other yarn festivals. 
  • We are the only independent yarn festival in the West Midlands.  It is vital that we make it easy for as many people to attend by having an accessible venue and good public transport links.

You can find our sort of mission statement on the new and improved’ About Us’ page here.

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