Strantarsia with Nathan Taylor


We all know that intarsia can’t be done in the round. (Well, you can do some sorts of things that involve working back and forth, and seaming up the side, but it’s not really possible to do it properly.)

You CAN, however, work a panel of stranded (think fair-isle) knitting in the round, where the colourwork does not go all the way round the piece, but is worked as one specific patch.

This is a technique that I have pioneered myself, and it’s really fun to do. Its applications are many and various. You can, for example, put a contrasting motif on the ankle of a sock, or a sports logo on the front of a hat. Fancy working a patch of colour work into the breast of a jumper knitted in the round? Thought you could only achieve it with duplicate stitch after the event? Not any more! Now you can add little patches of stranded colourwork anywhere you like in your in-the-round projects.

Skills covered: Knitting Back Backwards (the ability to work your knitting from the right needle to the left, so that you don’t need to turn the work), How to create the Strantarsia panel itself, and the mechanics of how it works.

Level of experience: Intermediate. This is a class that will be suitable for knitters with some experience of stranded/fair-isle knitting, who are comfortable with working with two colours at the same time, and who are looking to expand their horizons.

Skills needed: You will need to be competent in standard, two-colour colourwork knitting, and working in the round.

Materials Provided by Student: You will need about 20g and 10g respectively, of each of two colours of DK-weight yarn, worked into the swatch described below. Use two highly contrasting colours, and for best results, a fibre that is suitable for colourwork, such as shetland wool, or another fairly grippy, natural fibre, but not too fuzzy

Homework: A swatch worked as follows: Using DK-weight yarn, and appropriately sized needles, with your main colour, cast on 42 sts in the round. Work 8 rounds of 1×1 rib, followed by 4 rnds of stocking stitch/stockinette.

Do not work any colour changes.  DO NOT CAST OFF YOUR SWATCH!  We will continue knitting it in the class.


Nathan Taylor (aka Sockmatician on Ravelry, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter) is a knitwear designer, knitting teacher, and popular podcaster on YouTube. Since starting his adult knitting life in 2011, he has had patterns published in the following magazines: Knit Now!; Vogue Knitting; Rib; and The Knitter, and in the book Vogue Knitting: Shawls and Wraps 2. The majority of his patterns, however, can be purchased individually on Ravelry (search Sockmatician’s Sock Shop). His first book, GUYS KNIT, from Haynes Publishing, is available now from

To book onto Nathan’s Strantarsia workshop please visit our website here. All workshops include entrance into the Yarningham marketplace on the day of the workshop.

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