Knit Nerdism with Nathan Taylor


It’s a funny thing about knitters: a disproportionate number of us just love to geek out about the technical aspects of what we do, but just how much of that stuff do we actually know, when it comes to the finer details of the whys and wherefores? And most people would argue, why does it matter anyway?

This class looks at the fundamental aspects of what makes knitting work, on a quantum level. Well, maybe not quite quantum, but very small.

We’ll be looking at the importance of stitch mount, what it means, and why it matters: front longs, back legs, left ones, right one, leading, trailing, any kinds of leg you can think of, what they do, and how we can use simple mnemonics to bend them to our will; twisting a stitch? You’ll be surprised to learn it doesn’t happen as often as people think, and it certainly doesn’t happen WHEN people say it does; symmetry is a word that has several ways of being interpreted. It’s always good to know the RIGHT way in any given situation

True perfection in your knitting can only come as a result of truly understanding the simple building blocks of our favourite fibre craft

Intrigued? Come and explore Knit Nerdism with me, and all will be revealed.


Nathan Taylor (aka Sockmatician on Ravelry, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter) is a knitwear designer, knitting teacher, and popular podcaster on YouTube. Since starting his adult knitting life in 2011, he has had patterns published in the following magazines: Knit Now!; Vogue Knitting; Rib; and The Knitter, and in the book Vogue Knitting: Shawls and Wraps 2. The majority of his patterns, however, can be purchased individually on Ravelry (search Sockmatician’s Sock Shop). His first book, GUYS KNIT, from Haynes Publishing, is available now from

To book onto Nathan’s Knit Nerdism workshop please visit our website here. All workshops include entrance into the Yarningham marketplace on the day of the workshop.

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