Post 2 of this year’s M.O.E (Meet Our Exhibitors) series.

Today’s category is NEIGHBOURS.  These exhibitors are our yarn neighbours, all a short(ish) journey from Team Yarningham’s base here in Birmingham.

Yarn Angels consists of best friends Liz and Fiona.  Based in Birmingham, their yarn colours are inspired by nature, science fiction and fantasy.


Chromologie Yarn creates yarn that will warm you physically and visually, delightful with colour and possibilities.


Dusty Dimples is a Birmingham based yarn dyer with a passion to stand out with her variety of yarns.


Jo Knit Sew is a small indie yarn business based in the South Staffordshire countryside. Jo likes to create bright and bold colourways using a variety of techniques.

JoKnitSew Image 2

Snuggly Stars Yarns provide a range of hand dyed yarns to suit all projects along with crafty items such as patches, patterns, accessories, buttons and notions.


You can find out about all of this year’s Yarningham exhibitors by visiting our website.

Advanced tickets for Yarningham marketplace are £5 (+ booking fee) and are available from our website.

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