Team Yarningham visit NYE

On Saturday, Team Yarningham (Sara, Helen, V, and Lil) took a day trip to the inaugural Nottingham Yarn Expo.  NYE is a large show (over 100 stands!) held at Nottingham Conference Centre.


We had a glorious day out visiting the show, including a slap up lunch of delicious pizza at Oscar and Rosie’s and spotting a cafe/bar called Yarn (that didn’t have any yarn in it).  We also got to chat to some of the previous Yarningham exhibitors and do a bit of scouting for next year’s show.


We didn’t forget to shop either.  Here are some pics of Team Yarningham’s hauls.  Can you guess which haul belongs to whom?

unnamed (3)image920171112_12490020171112_12503320171112_12512120171114_104021

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