Park Your Yarn

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Last week a group of stitchers braved the weather to install our Park Your Yarn commission in Wolverhampton.  It was quite a dreary couple of days but we kept our spirits up with plenty of tea and biscuits.

For the past 5 weeks we’ve been holding drop in sessions all over Wolverhampton asking people to knit pieces.  We had such a brilliant response with over 500 pieces of knitting being used in the final installation.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Helen, Lilith, Lauren, Cat, Vickie for helping out with the install.  Also a big thank you to Katja for documenting the project and Zoe and Kate from Wolverhampton Art Gallery and Rachael and Cheryl from ArtYarn for making the project such a pleasure to work on.  And finally a massive thank you to everyone who knitted a piece for the installation.  It really wouldn’t have been the success that it has been without everyone taking part.

For more information about Park Your Yarn please visit the project’s dedicated blog.

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