Stirchley Community Market and Travelling Bug House

Yesterday I went to the Stirchley Community Market for the first time.  I never usually have time to go along as it runs on the same day as Stitches and Hos.  Yesterday, thanks to a 5 week month I took a walk down the hill to check it out.

The market is fantastic, a lovely mix of local food, artists and makers selling work and community groups.  I picked up a delicous sourdough loaf from Loaf Community Bakery, a next level earl grey and lemon cupcake from Frost and Snow, sweet and baking potatoes from Barrow Boy and arranged a skill swap with Nancy from Birmingham Bike Foundry.

Their next market is on 14 December.

The same people who run the market (Stirchley Happenings) also run Travelling Bug House.  They will be showing North by Northwest tomorrow (Thursday 25 Nov) and Its A Wonderful Life on Sunday 19 December.

Here are the flyers for more information

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